Job Offer

Local Representative

We are looking for candidates who want to establish an independent agency working from their home and are experienced in using the internet. Experience with Marketing and Chemicals will be preferred.

Being ChemCenter's agent means establishing an independent agency which will be responsible for recruiting appropriate chemical suppliers who are prepared to publish their products on our web site and are also responsible for encouraging chemical buyers to make their purchases via the ChemCenter platform. ChemCenter provides you with the platform and all the necessary support to operate it through the internet from your home, part or full time job according to your choice.

The compensation plan is based solely on the individual performance, and can reach a very substantial level of income.

If you would like to enter the chemical market, want to establish your own business and believe that the future of chemical marketing is in the internet then come and join us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] together with your C.V.
Reward Agreement and Instructions to Agent, Representative of ChemCenter Ltd.

In order to improve the profitability of a representative/agent, they shall receive commission in the following manner:

50% of the value of the total commission (after subtracting the bank fees etc.) shall be for bringing and looking after new buyers.
25% of the value of the total commission (after subtracting the bank fees etc.) shall be for bringing and looking after new sellers/suppliers.
The remaining 25% shall be forwarded to the website account.
These conditions will remain for a minimum period of one year, after which they may be renegotiated.

In addition, the agent or representative can have his supplier's products registered in ChemCenter's website at a rate of $1 US each up to a total of $500 US.

The following instructions apply:
1. Bringing customers and suppliers to the website.
2. Keeping personal contact with suppliers and customers looking after them.
3. Receiving feedback from the field and transferring to company headquarters.
4. Accompanying and support of customers and suppliers in business deals.
5. Helping suppliers in entering their products to the website.
6. Local marketing of website (publishing of representatives in the state).
7. Technical support of clients and suppliers.
8. Building up a wide data base of customers, suppliers, competitors and state characteristics.
9. Reporting to the company headquarters by mail, telephone, SMS etc. every fortnight.
10. Replying immediately to customers by mail, telephone, SMS etc.

In order to comply with these instructions:
11. You shall be updated with instructions from the company headquarters.
12. You shall be allowed to enter the product data base of the suppliers you are responsible for.
13. You shall receive your own mailbox (connected directly to your own computer). We shall be pleased to help you in this matter.
14. Your name and address shall be published in the website.