About Us

ChemCenters is an independent 3rd party web platform for professional trading of chemicals, here you can search, buy and sell all kind of chemicals in all industries around the world. ChemCenters was founded by chemical engineering experts on the basis of 20 year old chemical agency (D&D Company).

ChemCenters provides:

  1. Worldwide exposure to chemical buyers and suppliers.

  2. Local agents, around the world, work to boost sales of listed products.

  3. Opportunity to sale and buy chemicals online and offline.

  4. Technical support by professional chemical experts.

  5. Automated and protected ordering paper work.

ChemCenters' business model is based on combining traditional chemical marketing methods with the strong advantages of the internet. How do we do it? In short, we use marketing techniques in the internet and combine it with the personal and professional work of our worldwide chemical agents that work to boost the sales of our listed products.

ChemCenters Company works according to our ISO 9001/2000 guidelines.

We give personal attention for every request you have or action you make, try us:
  • In case you look for chemicals send simple RFQ.

  • In case you would like to post your chemical products, Contact Us and we will help you post your products online.

We consider every chemical buyer and seller as a partner of us, you are more than welcome to call us or e-mail us so that we will know better how we can help you fulfil your needs (Contact Us)
Our success is your success!!

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