Sell your products Online or Offline

Selling chemical products at ChemCenters can be done online via Paypal (Limited up to $1000 max for every order) and also can be done offline using every possible paying method that is accepted by the buyer and the seller both (Optional paying methods).

Online payment method:

At ChemCenters buyers can use Paypal services. Using Paypal has a lot of advantages for the buyer and for the seller, especially in money transactions with an amount below 1000$. Why? It is very easy, it is safe, fees for money transactions are usually less then other paying methods (like wire transfer) and better privacy for the buyer. ChemCenters receives from buyers online payments in advance and after the buyer receive his order, we transfer it to your bank or Paypal account according to your choice.

Offline payment method:

Every offline paying methods is possible. Coordination of the paying method must be done between the buyer and the seller in order to complete each order. ChemCenters will help to do this coordination. Remember, the order will be completed only after paying method was chosen and it is accepted on the buyer and the seller both.

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