ChemCenters Fees

Joining ChemCenters, bidding on listed items and listing items on the site is free.

ChemCenters charges commission from the seller only on products that were sold online on ChemCenters' site or offline with the help and involvement of ChemCenters' team and representatives.

ChemCenters fees depend on whether the purchase was done online (through Paypal) or offline with the use of ChemCenters' sevices:

Online Purchase (with PayPal):

Online purchase through Paypal is limited up to 1000$.

ChemCenters commission for each online purchase is 3% of the total amount.
Using Paypal services cost an additional fee, the amount of the fee is according to Paypal policies and ChemCenters has no benefit from that fee.
The current Paypal fee is 3.9% for every transaction of money, therefore for each purchase ChemCenters charges total fee of 6.9%.

For example:
If the total order is $1000
ChemCenters commission: 1000$ x 0.03 = 30$
PayPal fee: 1000$ x 0.039 = 39$
The seller will receive: 1000$ - 30$ - 39$ = 931$

Note: We limit the use of Paypal over 1000$ in one purchase because of other worthwhile paying methods (Less commissions and fees).

Offline Purchase (Wire transfer, LC etc.):

ChemCenters commissions varies according to the amount of each purchase.
Order Amount Commission
$0 - $50,000 5 % of the purchase amount.
$50,001 $500,000 5% of the initial $10,000 ($500). Plus 3% of the remaining closing value balance.
$500,001 $2M 5% of the initial $10,000 ($500). Plus 3% of the initial $50,001 $500,000 ($15,000). Plus 1.5% of the remaining closing value balance.
Over $2M 5% of the initial $10,000 ($500). Plus 3% of the initial $50,001 $500,000 ($15,000). Plus 1.5% of the initial $500,001 $2M ($22,500). Plus 0.5% of the remaining closing value balance.
In this case, the buyer transfers the payment directly to the seller's bank account according to payment agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Commissions of offline purchases are collected only after the deal was closed, buyer received his order and order payment was transferred to the seller.

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